San Salvador

San Salvador is a vibrant and lively city in El Salvador brimming with culture. With its colorful streets, delicious cuisine and friendly locals, San Salvador is one of the most charming cities in Central America.

Whether you’re looking for an adventure or just want to experience a new culture, there’s something for everyone here! From exploring ancient ruins to sampling local delicacies and immersing yourself in the bustling nightlife scene, there are plenty of activities to keep you entertained during your stay.

Here are five must-do experiences when visiting San Salvador:

  1. Visit La Iglesia El Rosario: This beautiful church was built in 1639 and offers stunning views from atop its bell tower. The building itself is quite remarkable and definitely worth a visit if you’re in town!
  2. Sample Local Cuisine: From pupusas to chilate de pollo (a traditional chicken soup), take some time to sample all that this city has to offer in terms of cuisine – you won’t be disappointed!
  3. Explore Las Sierras de Agua Verde National Park: Go hiking or horseback riding through this gorgeous park which features breathtaking views of volcanoes, rivers and lagoons as well as lush forests full of wildlife such as monkeys and parrots.
  4. Spend an Evening at La Tasca Bar & Grill: This popular bar/restaurant serves up great food along with live music every night from 8pm onwards – perfect for unwinding after a busy day exploring all that San Salvador has to offer!
  5. Visit Museo Nacional de Antropología Dr David J Guzmán: This museum houses more than two thousand artifacts related to anthropology dating back thousands of years . It ‘s definitely worth checking out if you want learn about the area’s fascinating history.


The city of San Salvador is the capital of El Salvador, a country located in Central America. In this city are located all the governmental organizations of the country. The city of San Salvador was founded for the first time in 1525, but it was not until 1545 when its population settled in the place. During the time of colonization by Spain, San Salvador was an important point for trade. In the tourist environment, the city has numerous architectures dating from different periods. Of which are museums, archaeological sites, squares, parks, among others.

San Salvador is a tourist destination visited by people from all over the world. Among the places of interest that can be visited in this beautiful city, we will mention some that should not be missing in the itinerary of travelers. In this guide to San Salvador I want to help you to complement it by visiting the capital of Honduras, which is located nearby. If you want to know what to see in Tegucigalpa I recommend our guide.
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Dr. David Guzmán National Museum of Anthropology

The museum was built due to the decree of the year 1,883, at the time that Dr. Rafael Zaldívar, occupied the position of president of the Republic of El Salvador. The museum has 5 rooms, where the historical stages of El Salvador are exposed.

Among the themes found, you can learn about the migrations of the settlers, agriculture and handicrafts produced in the country. After the different relocations that the museum suffered, a new building was built in 1999, opening its doors to the public in 2001.

Military Museum of the Armed Forces of El Salvador

This beautiful museum is located in the city of San Salvador. It currently occupies the infrastructure of the El Zapote Barracks, an architectural monument dating from 1920. The museum has 10 large rooms, which are identified with the names of some outstanding military men. Among the main attractions of the precinct is the monument commemorating the National Heroes.

The museum was founded in 2002, offering visitors more than 30,000 items, including cannons, weapons, coins, among others. It is worth mentioning that the Papamovil, which was the vehicle used by Pope John Paul II in his two visits to the country, is preserved in the museum.

Divine Monument to the Savior of the World

It is one of the main monuments of the city of San Salvador. The work of art was designed by José Barahona, which consists of Christ on a sphere of the world that is placed on top of a pedestal. This monument was inaugurated on November 26, 1942. This magnificent monument was considerably damaged in the earthquake that affected the country in 1986, and thanks to a campaign carried out by Salvadorans, the piece was restored.


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