Baeza is a majestic town in the province of Jaén, located on the south-east side of Spain. Baeza was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 2003 due to its rich cultural and architectural heritage. Thanks to its strategic location between two mountain ranges, Baeza has managed to preserve its medieval atmosphere while also offering plenty of modern amenities.

Things to do in Baeza

Whether you’re looking for history or adventure, there’s something for everyone in this vibrant city! Here are 5 things you should do when visiting Baeza:

  1. Visit the Cathedral of Santa Maria – This stunning 16th century cathedral dates back to 1541 and features breathtaking gothic architecture with incredible interior decorations. It’s definitely worth a visit!
  2. Take a stroll through Parque de los Reyes Católicos – Located next to the cathedral, this park is an ideal place for those who want some peace and quiet away from hustle and bustle of downtown life. Enjoy beautiful views as you explore lush greenery amidst centuries old trees that line up around it .
  3. Explore Plaza del Pósito – As one of main spots in town, Plaza del Pósito offers plenty of local eateries where visitors can enjoy delicious Spanish cuisine such as tapas and paella alongside great wines from nearby vineyards. Don’t forget about sampling some traditional jamon Iberico too.
  4. Spend time at University Of Baeza – This 12th century university still stands strong since it’s founding days by King Alfonso VIII nearly 900 years ago making it one way among oldest universities today Europe!. Its baroque facade will take your breath away especially during golden hour when sun reflects off building creating spectacular lighting effects that vary throughout day.. So don’t miss out chance get close look university marvel itself before leaving after seeing other sights around town.
  5. Hike through Sierra Mágina Natural Park – If nature lover then hiking trails found within natural park may perfect activity spend afternoon exploring outdoors ! With various routes ranging difficulty levels , hikers find themselves surrounded stunning scenery which includes snowcapped peaks rugged landscape deep valleys filled pine forests typical Mediterranean vegetation like oaks cork trees. Also, if lucky enough spot birds animals like deer wild boar even vultures soaring overhead area truly unforgettable experience!


Baeza is called a monumental city for its heritage, its people, its culture and its history. It is one of the most diverse and different cities in the province of Jaen.

In this post I am going to venture you to know the things to see in Baeza. Its artistic and historical heritage is simply spectacular. It exudes renaissance for each of its temples and churches, for each of its streets. It was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 2003. It has a wide tourist offer, more if it fits that I am talking about that it has little more than 16000 inhabitants.

The time I recommend is that you spend a day at most two to see it and walk around it. You will enjoy the Gothic and Renaissance style that “rules” the city. Even if you take a good look at this article you will find the best preserved Romanesque temple in Andalusia.

Usually people talk about Úbeda and Baeza, when the city I am talking about is perfectly a touristic focus by itself. City of tradition and culture. It currently has one of the headquarters of the Civil Guard Academy.

I recommend that for the preparation of your tourist guide for Baeza, do not miss the visit of the places that I describe below. They are simply impressive. An essential place for sightseeing is the neighboring city. I encourage you to know what to see in Ubeda.

During this article you will see a breakdown of each of the places to see in Baeza, sorted by importance. Each site contains additional information, schedules, prices, etc. At the end of the post you will see a map with all the points of interest in the city.

Now I am going to describe the most charming places in Baeza.

  • Cathedral of the Nativity of Our Lady of Baeza.
    The most important point of the city. An essential place to see in Baeza. If you come to the city you can not miss it.
  • Old University of Baeza
    It is the second most important point of the city. It is free to enter. So locate yourself and visit this important tourist spot of the city (use our map).
  • Jabalquinto Palace
    Headquarters of the UNIA. It can only be visited on weekdays. If your visit is on the weekend, do not enter. Although, as you are on the way to the two previous sites. Take a picture.
  • Santa Cruz Church
    It is also free. Contemplate a beautiful place to see in Baeza of Romanesque style you can not miss it.

Museums or points of cultural interest

  • Interpretation Center Renace Baeza
    It is preserved as it was several centuries ago. A beautiful place for sightseeing in Baeza. You should note that there are more places to see.
  • Arch of Villalar
    It is located in the same Plaza del Pópulo. So if you are already there, what are you waiting for to look for it?
  • Fountain of Santa Maria
    Right in front of the Cathedral. A photo in it, with the Cathedral of Baeza is a must. Don’t waste any more time.
  • High Consistorial Houses
  • Old Seminary San Felipe Neri
  • Old Butcher’s Shops
  • Civil Audience and Public Notaries
  • Baeza City Hall
  • Ruins of the Convent of San Francisco
  • Ruins of the Church of San Juan
  • Torreón Puerta de Úbeda Tower
  • Parish of San Andrés
  • Parish Church of San Pablo


The town of Jaén that you are going to visit or are visiting is not excessively large. For what almost in any zone that you are lodged you will be able to move with total normality by the historical helmet. Also as an advantage you will not have to use the car or public transport almost anywhere.

Baeza is a very safe town, you should not be afraid to walk through its streets and alleys at any time. The people of Baeza are used to receive tourists so they are sure to be ready to help a tourist clueless.

As far as accommodation is concerned, when I went to Baeza I stayed in the historic center. This area is between the Plaza de España and the Cathedral of Baeza. The whole area is my favorite for me. You will not find very expensive prices so I encourage you to book your accommodation now.

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