Jaén is a quaint and picturesque city located in the south of Spain. It has a rich cultural heritage and is known for its olive oil, distinctive architecture, and stunning nature reserves. From exploring ancient ruins to sampling local cuisine, there’s something for everyone in Jaén.

Things to do in Jaen, Spain

Here are things to do while visiting this town:

  1. 1Explore Castillo de Santa Catalina – This fortress was built by King Alfonso X during the 13th century and offers breathtaking views of the city from atop its walls.
  2. Visit Parque Natural Sierra de Cazorla – With more than 8500 hectares of protected land encompassing rivers, forests, canyons and mountainside villages, this natural park provides plenty of opportunities for outdoor exploration.
  3. Sip on some local wines – The region produces several types of wine that have won awards both nationally and internationally including Garnacha Tintorera or Bobal among others!
  4. Wander through Plaza de Toros – Built in 1868 this bullring is an architectural wonder perfect for photo ops with friends or family members!
  5. Sample regional dishes– Traditional dishes like migas (fried breadcrumbs), caldereta (goat stew) or perdiz estofada (stewed partridge) will give visitors a taste into authentic Andalusian cooking!
  6. Visit Museo Provincial de Jaen -This museum displays artifacts related to art history ranging from prehistoric times up until the 19th century along with works by famous painters like Zurbarán or El Greco who lived nearby!
  7. Take a tour at Ingenio del Rey -Located just outside Jaén this sugar factory offers guided tours to learn about how they produce their organic sugar cane products as well as tastings so you can sample some sweet treats afterwards!


Old Hospital San Juan de Dios, Jaen

The city of Jaen has a scarce tourist panorama, recommending that you do not spend more than one or two days in Jaen. During this guide I am going to recommend you a series of fundamental places, although I want to encourage you to continue reading to get a little bit into what the city is and what it represents.

The city of Jaen has a wide cultural richness due to the historical influences that have been carried over the centuries in the city.

Located the city at the foot of the Cerro de Santa Catalina, this fact already makes us indicate that it is a city with dark and at the same time charming slopes. These slopes give a special charm to the city of Jaén.

I want to remember and to mention the fact that Jaén historically has had the passage of Greeks, Phoenicians, Romans, Visigoths and Carthaginians. Of course and special mention have the appearance of the Arabs in the city, whose vestiges have been evident and currently their historical legacy is latent. These are important reasons to visit Jaén. There is still more, read on.

Particularly in Jaén when you visit it you will notice a strange feeling because it is not a particularly touristy city but it is a city that engages, for the friendliness of its people for the good atmosphere that you can find a summer night on any terrace of a bar or restaurant.

You as a traveler should keep in mind that when you sit in any bar to have a beer or soft drink you will have a tapa without paying more amount for it, in some places it is to choose and in others it follows an established order to incorporate the tapa. Although I will explain this at the end of the post where I explain the places to eat in Jaén.

With all my love and with all my affection I tell you traveler, you should not miss this guide if you want to know what to see and visit in Jaen so I want to recommend you to follow us in this wonderful and fascinating way that will make you go through the capital of the Olive Tree. I do not want to detail the most important places to see in Jaén without mentioning the pharaonic and unfinished streetcar project, Jaén is much more than that.

In this post I am going to recommend each of the places to see in Jaén ordered by importance. Each place to visit has an internal article that explains in more detail the place to visit. Schedules, prices. I will also recommend places to stay and places to eat. At the end of this article you will see a map of the city that marks the points of interest that I explain here. What are you waiting for? You must keep in mind that tourism in Jaén is quite dispersed.

Remember not to miss the majestic world heritage cities so you should know what to see in Ubeda and what to see in Baeza, each one a must on its own.

Interesting places to see in Jaén.

  • Cathedral of the Assumption of Jaén. It is one of the busiest places in the city, for me it is a must. It is on its way to be considered a World Heritage Site.
  • Castle of Santa Catalina. Essential visit in one of the essential places to see in Jaen. It is a castle and parador at the same time, so in addition to visiting it you can eat there.
  • Basilica of San Ildefonso. It is a wonderful place for sightseeing in Jaen, is very close to the Cathedral, so I recommend you go and see it. Just keep in mind its schedule, it is the one of the masses.
  • Arab Baths. They are free, that point you should know. It is the best preserved Arab baths in Spanish territory. Indispensable in your guide of tourism in Jaén.

Museums or points of cultural interest

  • Provincial Museum of Jaén
  • International Museum of Naïve Art and Popular Customs – Palacio de Villardompardo
  • Cathedral Museum

Other places you should also visit

  • Old San Juan de Dios Hospital
  • Church of Santa María Magdalena
  • Monument to the Battles. Homage to two transcendental battles in the history of the great nation called Spain. You must see it. An interesting place to see in Jaén.


I imagine that during your visit of tourism in Jaén you will have to eat. I am going to recommend you the most typical areas of the city. As I told you at the beginning in the city of Jaén with every drink (beer, must etc. ..) you have a free tapa. This tapa is always to choose and it is totally free. Whether or not you are from the area have total peace of mind that you will not be fooled.

Keep in mind that in Jaén there are two areas where you can eat or eat tapas very well.

Tascas Area

Next to the Cathedral and once you have finished your obligatory visit, I suggest you take a walk along Carrera de Jesus Street and Maestra Street and its perpendiculars to the Plaza de San Francisco. I am sure you will find a bar, tasca or tavern that you will love.
I recommend that you go to this area for tapas in the morning from 13:00 on a Saturday this area is full of people. Especially if it is a good day. Not to be missed.

Boulevard area

It is the most modern area of the city, located in the Paseo de España, next to the Rутау station. Undoubtedly I recommend you to go there at night any day of the week. Better if it is from Thursday as you will find much more movement of people. In this area in general is more modern bars. It does not have the same charm as the Zona de las Tascas but it is also highly recommended. Here you will find more variety as far as types of food are concerned.

Apart from finding good food you can go out if your body asks for it, it is an area with an infinity of pubs of all styles.

What to eat in Jaen?

  • Lomo de Orza
  • Jaén Olives Olives
  • Flamenquín
  • Patatas a lo Pobre
  • Jaén Pipirrana a la Jienense
  • Espinacas a la Jienense
  • Jaén Papajotes
  • Gachas Dulces
  • Jaén Hornazos


Jaén is a quaint city located in the south of Spain that has many attractions to offer, from ancient ruins and stunning nature reserves to local cuisine. Tourists can explore Castillo de Santa Catalina, Parque Natural Sierra de Cazorla, Plaza de Toros and Museo Provincial de Jaen. There are also numerous restaurants with traditional dishes like migas (fried breadcrumbs), caldereta (goat stew) or perdiz estofada (stewed partridge). Other places of interest include Old Hospital San Juan de Dios, Cathedral of the Assumption of Jaén, Castle of Santa Catalina, Basilica of San Ildefonso and Arab Baths.

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