Plasencia, Spain

Plasencia, the beautiful capital of Extremadura in Spain, is a place full of history and culture. Located on the banks of the Jerte River and surrounded by mountains, Plasencia has been inhabited since Roman times and has a rich heritage waiting to be explored.

From ancient castles to cathedrals to monasteries, there is no shortage of things to do in this picturesque city.

To help you plan your trip, here are five must-see attractions that should not be missed when visiting Plasencia:

The Old Town

Wander through cobbled streets lined with traditional buildings dating back centuries – including one constructed over an old Arab wall! Explore hidden alleyways leading up towards grand plazas filled with bustling life and admire incredible monuments such as Palacio de los Duques de San Esteban or Church of Santa Clara.

Castle of Torreorgaz

Dating from 1296 AD and built by King Alfonso X for military purposes, this castle is now home to a museum dedicated to local craftsmen’s works. Take time out for stunning views over the city before popping into some nearby shops selling everything from handmade pottery to leather goods.

Monastery Santa Maria de Alconétar

Built between 1517-1545 AD during Spanish Renaissance period this monastery was originally used as an important centre for religious retreats until it was sold off after 1836 War of Independence where much damage was done throughout its interior walls. Today visitors can explore its remains while appreciating breathtaking views over Sierra De Gata range on one side and lush green valley covered in olive trees on another side – truly spectacular!

Cathedral La Asuncion de Nuestra Señorade Plasencia

Dedicated in honour Our Lady Assumption Day (August 15th), visit Cathedral’s impressive main façade flanked by two towers – reminiscent of Gothic style architecture popular during 13th century – while admiring its intricate sculptures representing Biblical scenes such as Virgin Mary giving Jesus Christ keys from Heaven gates or Last Supper artfully carved inside main entrance archivolts . Inside discover amazing frescoes depicting various events occurring around year 1490 AD when construction began plus several other interesting artefacts like astonishing wooden altarpiece surrounding Main Altar area or rose window above choir stalls area…

Plaza Mayor & City Hall

This lively square is located at heart old town district hosting daily markets plus numerous restaurants cafes offering delicious regional dishes made with locally grown produce from nearby farms like famous ‘pimenton’ paprika widely used throughout region along Iberian ham specialties . Don’t forget visit City Hall building facing plaza which dates back 16th century once again displaying magnificent examples architectural styles typical era.

Map of Plasencia, Extremadura, Spain

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